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BRICT car study cover medium Schmidt's 2012 BRICT STUDY
Price £740 / €850
  • Today, yesterday & tomorrow
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China and now includes TURKEY
  • Passenger car sales & production to 2017
  • All important BRICT market forecast and analysis
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Schmidt’s 2012 BRICT Study 
Out NOW with bang-up-to date forecast 
to 2017

“New fuel to power global future automotive industry”

AID’S BRAND-NEW TOPICAL BRICT STUDY identifies more cars are now sold in the 
so called BRICT region (Brazil, Russia, India, China & Turkey) than in any other region 
and suggests continued future growth, although recent trends suggest these markets 
are not immune to macroeconomic events

Just in the nick of time. At a time when carmakers’ traditional markets in the west are beginning to
stutter, dogged chiefly by looming market saturation and a feared change in western consumers’ priorities,
significant new demand in the fast-growth BRICT markets is opening up. Against the backdrop of
mature and saturated key global markets, business activity in BRICT countries is expected to more than
make up for the slack, thus providing a substantial window of opportunity for the global automotive

AID’s brand-new study on the recent developments in each and every BRICT member country includes
not only past, present and future sales of passenger cars, it also outlines the type of car bought, and
even the increasingly topical question of segmentation. Apart from sales by manufacturer and marque
for each BRICT member country, the study also quantifies overall passenger car production statistics for
each and every one. There is also a  car sales and car production forecast to 2017 - split by market
and the overall region. Available trustworthy data means all these countries are included:

Brazil, Russia, India, China 

Car sales and production forecast 
to 2017

The car sales information provided for each of the above listed markets goes right down to top-selling
model level, and is provided for the years 2011 and 2010. Furthermore, the sector sales information per
market, dividing the markets into sectors such as Basic and Small for instance, as well as SUVs are also
shown for the two most recent years. The same goes for top-selling models, with tables outlining the 30
best-sellers for each and every market.

Apart from this close focused car sales picture per market, the data provided also shows the evolution
of each market in terms of both car sales and production. Apart from historical car sales and production
data from 2006 to 2011, the study provides a car sales and production forecast to 2017. The combination
of sales and production forecasts to 2017 allows this data to be used as a professional forward planning
tool for anyone interested in these fast evolving countries. Particular attention is drawn to China, which of
late has developed at an almost breathtaking rate, and in consequence has attracted the devoted attention
of virtually every senior autoindustry analyst. The complexity of the data as well as quality, remains one of
the most outstanding features of this latest AID study. The study’s main purpose is to provide a factual and
professional overview of market size, segment structure and competitive market share picture together with an
expert view as to the car sales and production prospects for the next half decade.

A factual data base to investigate and 
quantify today’s competitive make-up 
and planning tool for beckoning 
regional opportunities ahead

Whichever way these outlined developments are looked at, the impression now is that current and future
car market developments in the BRICT area are little less than a godsend for western carmakers whose future
ambitions and scope for capacity utilisation are greatly restricted by the now widely shared view that much
of Western Europe, the US and Japan for instance are all rated as mature and largely saturated markets.

The four BRICT markets, and China in particular, now offer considerable opportunities for future sales and profit
expansion. This study provides a factual and statistical basis to plan for the realisation of these beckoning future



Available on CD-ROM

The entire BRICT Automotive study comes containing a fully indexed Adobe Acrobat 
PDF file complete with tables and graphs. The CD-ROM allows tables, graphs and 
text to be pasted into your computer applications and includes a full text-search 

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