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AID AutoAID study 2013 to 2018 front page Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID
Price £439 / €539 (CD-ROM version £469 / €569)
for details
  • Today, yesterday & tomorrow
  • Europe and beyond
  • Passenger car sales & production to 2018 (production to 2017)
  • More than the usual Autoindustry study
  • INCLUDES 2012 Electric and Hybrid sales by country
  • INCLUDES India and China
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When is it time for the European car market to bounce back?

Schmidt’s 2013/12 AUTO AID - Out NOW with bang-up-to date forecast to 2018 for sales and 2017 for production.

Never in autoindustry history have so many uncertainties fogged the industry's short to medium term future. Following what promised to evolve into the potentially worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression carmakers and their suppliers are now beginning to get a clearer picture of what lies before them. Although more difficult than ever to predict, with this brand-new vehicle sales and production forecast AID forecasters have attempted to bring at least some clarity into these key issues. That's chiefly the likely recession depth bounce and ultimate timing of the desperately sought-after recovery.

Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID featuring topical electric and hybrid car sales for the first time is not the usual Autoindustry study, or for that matter, the usual market forecast. While Western Europe is the main focus of attention, overall car sales and production of other key markets such as the US, Japan, China, South Korea and Brazil have been included to provide a global view of the past, present and immediate future.  Also included is the same detailed historical market analysis for a number of key Central European passenger car markets such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.  That includes the familiar market segmentation, top-selling models and even an overall petrol-diesel fuel split for the two most recent years.  Moreover, the study includes new car sales at TIV (Total Industry Volume) level for Central European markets such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and additionally includes the fast-expanding market of the Ukraine, amongst others.

Start your planning from a sound and factual foundation

Western Europe 2012/2011/2010 actuals.

For Western Europe, every effort has been made to provide salient details about the market background in terms of competitive structure, sales & production by model (including market details) as well as segmentation and even size of niche sectors such as Sports-utility 4x4s, Sports-cars and Coupés.

The usual segment split for each West European car market further includes details such as sales and market shares of familiar sectors:

Basic                   ►Small
Lower-medium      ►Upper-medium
Near-executive      ►Executive
►Luxury                  ►SUV / 4x4

The same detail is provided for the whole West European continent, effectively treating Western Europe as one single market.

The Past
Sales and production cycles.
The Present
Market size, market segmentation and niche-sector shares for all of West Europe's car markets.
The Future
Sales forecasts to 2018 and production forecasts to 2017 for each and every West European car market, the US, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil and even Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.
In summary:
Unmatched facts and details about today's car market plus sales and production forecasts to 2018/17 for most of the world's key passenger car markets.

Unmatched value for money

We've extended and improved details on plant locations, plant activity and employment levels to assess productivity growth at some European car plants, widely seen as an important firewall against spiraling costs and rapidly thinning margins.

China's new car market, rapidly attracting attention from vehicle manufacturers and component makers, is also detailed with both full commentary and statistics.

To familiarize yourself with the full content of the study please take a glance at the comprehensive study content and you will agree that Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID represents mind-boggling value for money.

Past, present and future to 2018/17

By presenting a challenge that few in the business thought was attainable, a superior quality car industry study to 2018/17 priced at a mere £439 (€539), Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID has moved the critical price/value bar to hitherto unreached heights. This industry study is specifically produced as a working document/reference book for all those with a professional interest in the world's key passenger car markets and, by virtue of its modest price, for the industry's smaller component suppliers. The reasons are simple. Like fully-fledged market forecasts from some of the world's forecasting specialists, this document was also compiled by long-serving market experts with the sole intention of providing industry professionals and autoindustry analysts with an affordable, and yet, professional planning document in order to understand today's car market. Moreover, while providing the professional reader with a rock-solid foundation, the study further provides an expert view of the immediate future to 2018/17 by providing car sales and production forecasts for most of the world's key countries.

The study's main purpose is to answer your key questions about the world's passenger car market.

Sales cycle analysis

Have we reached a turning point on the sales cycle, and if so, what is the duration until any following peak or trough? Market saturation questions.

Market size assessment

Who are the world's leading carmakers and who are the comparative fringe players - how big is the slice of the pie at present?  Significant few and insignificant many - last year's total passenger car production by country and by manufacturer. Overall size of all West European car markets plus the US, Japan, China and key east European markets.

Segmentation question (Western Europe only)

What are the significant sectors? What is the story behind the hype in regards to Electric and Hybrid sales across Western Europe? What is the market share of Lower-medium sector or luxury cars? What was last year's west European production of the Volkswagen Golf? What is the size of west Europe's Sports-utility 4x4 sector and which countries dominate the scene?

Competitive assessment of today's car market


Who are the key players - Sales and market share of all participating carmakers and importers in western Europe overall. Also, the same for each and every West European market, the US, Japan, China, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. What's the share of imports in the Japanese new car market and who is the leading importer? What is the Japanese share of sales in Italy or in Hungary? What was last year's top-selling car in Poland? How many Electric cars were registered in Norway last year?

Car production, plant locations & employment levels

Total number of cars built by carmakers in Germany last year and the same for every car-producing country in western Europe. For reference, the study also contains car production figures for the US, Japan, China and even the Czech Republic are included, plus, car production forecasts to 2017. The study also contains details of plant locations in Europe, together with models produced and major assembly operations. Some key plant details outside Europe are further included.

Global issues

Where are the world's major car producing countries and where are they heading after the recent economic turmoil? What's the size of China's new passenger market and what will it be by 2018? Who is the world's biggest carmaker and which manufacturers are struggling to retain market share?


ORDER Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID NOW

Also available for computer users on CD-ROM
Purchasers of Schmidt's 2013/12 AUTO AID are eligible for over 50% off the cost of our accompanying data CD-ROM. The entire study, containing a fully indexed Adobe Acrobat PDF file complete with tables and graphs, is normally available separately on CD-ROM for £469 (€569), although purchasers of the book are entitled to a copy for just £190 (€220). The CD-ROM allows tables, graphs and text to be pasted into your computer applications and includes a full text-search capability.

Both items can be ordered together for £629 (€759) plus postage and packing.

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