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Notable Hybrid inroads in Europe, buoyed in no small measure by incentives 
Published: Mon, 10th September 2018 19:10:45 GMT  

Hybrid car sales mix 2017 2018

For Europeís green movement, which still believed not so long ago that comparatively simple Prius-type petrol-electric hybrids (HEVs) could save our planet from overheating, there is good news and bad news

The good news is that HEVs have not only made notable inroads into West Europeís new car market accompanied by robust gains from both pure electric cars (BEVs) and plug-in-hybrids (PHEVs). 

The bad news, at least for the average income tax payer, is that these BEVs and PHEV gains were propped up in large measure by direct and indirect government subsidies. 

Also, AID research reveals that some, if not all of the outwardly impressive sales inroads made this year from HEVs, were helped in no small part by significant financial manufacturer incentives. 

This first half, at a time when disillusioned owners of blackened diesels continued to switch to petrol-powered cars in droves, West Europeís sales of petrol-electric hybrids (HEVs) easily outperformed the overall car market. 

In fact, compared with last yearís first half, HEV sales to June this year jumped by a third to 283,933 units, according to Acea. 

This means that HEV sales, compared with the 2 per cent half-year car sales growth in the regionís overall new car market didnít just rise but soar. 

As result, West Europeís HEV car sales share, excluding plug-in-hybrids (PHEVs) advanced to 3.6 per cent from 2.7 per cent during last yearís first half, according to Acea figures. 

Thatís the way and ahead biggest car sales share of all electrified cars. 

On a like-for-like first half comparison, half-year data shows BEVs at an improved 1.1 per cent and PHEVs also up to a stronger 1.2 per cent car market share, according AIDís own data.

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