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Volkswagen takes UKís August car sales crown, Ford slips to new all-time low 
Published: Wed, 05th September 2018 19:10:45 GMT  

Ford VW passenger car sales share history UK

Anyone familiar with the UK car market will expect Ford to be the undisputed market leader. Moreover, the norm, dating back to time immemorial Fordís most popular models continue to dominate the UKís list of best-sellers, right? Wrong. This August marks the third consecutive month that Ford was outsold by the Volkswagen brand

Confronted by this yearís progressively softening UK car sales numbers, and eight months into the year, one of the first impressions is that there is no end in sight to Fordís continuing poor run in the UK. 

Its UK car market share at the eight months stage tumbled to 11 per cent. This stands out as yet another all-time low for a company once known as ĎFord of Britainí.

 In retrospect, razor sharp competition has sent Ford's UK car market share tumbling from an all-time peak of 30.9 per cent in 1981 to just half that level in 2008. 

By 2015 that sales share had slipped to 12.7 per cent; in 2017 it dipped again to 11.3 per cent. 

The current year provides more evidence, if any were needed that Ford has evidently failed to stem the deeply entrenched erosion of its car market share in what has long ranked as its European car sales bastion.

Eight months through the current year shows Ford at just 11 per cent, almost one full percentage point down on the same period last year, which already stood out as a new all-time low for Fordís UK car market share. 

As one cynic was quick to point out, today UKís former ĎMondeo-maní is probably driving a Mercedes. 

AID reports on the winners and losers in the UK. 

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