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Weren’t Volkswagen’s sales supposed to fall? 
Published: Tue, 10th July 2018 19:19:25 GMT  

VW Brand market share history dieselgate 2018

At a time when West Europe’s still rosy-looking car market is entering a markedly cooler second half, AID reports exclusively on the winners and losers this first half

This first half, Volkswagen’s car sales in Western Europe rose almost five times faster than the overall market. 

That’s a 9 per cent leap in sales to 916,300 units, resulting in a market share gain of nearly a full percentage point. 

That’s a 2-year high of 11.5 per cent, according to AID’s own numbers. 

The Volkswagen car brand, in consequence, completes this year’s first half as the biggest notable gainer in the leading pack of mass market carmakers. 

That’s curious because Europe’s leading car brand, following its humiliating exposure in the emissions cheating scandal starting in late 2015, was expected to lose notable market share to some of its rivals. 

Not quite.

Fact is that since peaking in 2012 at 13 per cent Volkswagen’s West European market share progressively weakened, particularly in its domestic German market. 

Moreover, since September 2015, when the diesel emissions scandal broke, the Volkswagen marque’s market share losses accelerated. 

But since the end of last year, when its West European car market share had slumped to a 10-year low of just 11 per cent, demand for Volkswagen’s cars bounced back vigorously from last year’s trough as more consumers took advantage of its widely available incentives. 

However, AID’s expert observers of Europe’s still healthy looking car market believe that for the Volkswagen brand the second half now looks more challenging. 

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