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UK todayís biggest European market PHEVs
Published: Fri, 29th June 2018 17:23:18 GMT  

PHEV sales by market Jan-May 2018

Itís almost as if this is one of the great trade secrets waiting to be discovered, actual UK sales of PHEVs by manufacturer and model are not divulged to the public at large or the media. In the UK the same goes for sales of electric cars (BEVs)

Secrecy, applied by most manufacturers and importers in the UK and by Mercedes in particular, is a serious problem for market observers. Thatís partly because the actual sales numbers of PHEVs are comparatively tiny and insignificant. Nonetheless, the UK auto-industry continues to hold these numbers close to its chest.

Apart from the total number of PHEVs registered, the UKís trade association SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) does not release any model sales numbers for PHEVs. 

The same goes for BEVs. 

So any non-autoindustry member interested in the UK sales performance of PHEVs by model or manufacturer is forced to resort to James Bond type tactics.

AID obtained first quarter UK Ministry of Transport car sales figures reveal that Mitsubishiís Outlander PHEV remains the UKís top-selling PHEV. 

This still towering sector lead, AIDís own figures reveal, was comfortably retained for the fourth successive year. 

Despite its pioneering role in the UK and the rest of Europe, the overall attractions of the Outlander PHEV are such that it still outsells many of its considerably younger rivals. 

Helped by a continuing sales boom for trendy SUV-Crossovers, UK sales of the Outlander PHEV grew in trend-bucking manner in a shrinking overall UK car market. 

According to these first quarter Ministry of Transport numbers, three months UK sales
of the Outlander PHEV grew 8 per cent to a chart topping 2,153 units. 

During March this year, these same numbers show a 9.2 per cent rise in the UKís Outlander PHEV sales. 

Put into perspective with its nearest sector rivals: Outlander PHEV sales numbers this March were twice the sales of BMWís second placed 3-Series PHEV.  

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