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World Cup puts strong kick into Russia’s new car spending
Published: Fri, 22nd June 2018 19:52:58 GMT  

Russia Light Vehicle Sales history May 2018

For those patiently waiting for the inevitable rebound from Russia’s previously slump-struck car market, car sales data for the five months to May brings great comfort. Little doubt, the same goes to Russia’s political leadership. That’s because this summer Russia plays host to this year’s closely watched football world cup. Russia’s previously underrated football team, contrary to expectation, is already leading its group after two straight wins in a row 

This resulting and upbeat spirit among this year’s World Cup host nation is to an extent echoed in the current state of Russia’s previously battered new car market.

Hard evidence for the underlying healthy rebound in Russia’s car sales climate, May’s 18 per cent jump in Light-Vehicle sales marks the 15th successive months of uninterrupted sales expansion. 

Other than that, the fifth successive double-digit rise in a row brings the cumulative sales gain to May this year to 20 per cent, with sales climbing to 692,870 units. 

There’s more good news on the quarterly front. 

Figures show that Russia’s Light-Vehicles sales have now posted five gains in a row. 

Moreover, the 21.7 per cent sales surge seen during this year’s first quarter was the fastest gain during this particular stretch.

The striking good fortunes of Russia’s football team, now destined to go a great deal further than even optimists would have expected only a month ago, are to an extent also echoed in the performance of Russia’s most notable own car maker. 

While only playing second fiddle in its domestic Russian car market, which it has previously dominated, today’s Renault controlled Lada not only retained but underpinned its runner-up slot.  

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