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Imminent death of combustion engine greatly exaggerated
Published: Mon, 11th June 2018 10:58:18 GMT  

Mercedes 4-Cyl diesel engine ICE

Of late, widely covered media reports about the inevitable death of the internal combustion engine, replaced en-masse by deep-green zero-emission electric cars and light vans as early as 2025, appear greatly exaggerated

That at least is the overriding view of a recently published academic study commissioned by the VDMA - the powerful and influential association of Germany's engineering industry. 

Germany’s machine-building-industry has long ranked as one of the industry’s export drivers and prime supplier to the automotive industry as we knew it. 

So given Germany’s machine-building-industry’s high dependence on the automotive industry it comes as no surprise to auto-industry observers that their industry federation has asked some long-acknowledged expert visionaries to gaze into their crystal balls to see what the automotive world will look like in little more than a decade from now.

That was done principally for today’s leading global vehicle markets in China, the US and EU Europe. 

By 2030, according to this study, this group of three key regions alone is expected to account for a dominating 58 per cent of the global passenger car market. 

According to the study, this inevitable technological transformation looming just around the corner, chiefly the gradual switch from combustion engine to pure electric vehicle power, will be most significant in China’s auto-industry mega-market. 

The report authors conclude, that because of China’s obligatory CO2 rules pure electric cars (BEVs) will likely capture 29 per cent of China’s 2030 Light-Vehicle (LV) market. 

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