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Return to business as usual, China main driver
Published: Fri, 27th April 2018 17:06:55 GMT  

Q1 BRIC car markets sales changes quarterly

BRICs car markets back to previously familiar good form – Europe and USA, again left behind in the dust

On the world’s car sales stage, BRIC markets, and China in particular, were again the main and notably most significant growth drivers during this year’s first quarter. 

This first quarter, growth in percentage terms has reached outwardly impressive double-digit values in BRIC member countries Brazil and Russia, followed by yet another healthy rise in India. 

But when it comes to more significant volume sales gains, it was simply no contest. 

Doubly underlining its unchallenged status as the world’s biggest and most significant market for new cars, almost one third through the current year all eyes were fixed on this year’s first quarter set of domestic Chinese car sales results seeing if this crucial car market is losing any of its stored up heat.

Unsurprisingly, it is this ever-widening circle of car owners and their ferocious hunger for generally larger and more profitable cars in the world's most populous country that is proving such a magnet. 

Such has been the heat of China’s underlying consumer demand, fuelled for yet another year by consumers’ undiminished appetite for today’s trendy SUV-Crossovers, that this first quarter China alone sold an extra third of a million new cars. 

Put into context, that’s twice the combined volume sales growth witnessed by the three other BRIC members. 

What’s more, this first quarter China alone was responsible for one-in-three of the world’s new car sales, thus setting yet another new all-time record. 

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