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  GERMANY | DIESEL          
Europeís November diesel car market slips into deeper decline
Published: Wed, 10th January 2017 16:42:12 GMT  

West European falling diesels sales mix trend infographic

Yet another sharp drop in Novemberís West European diesel car sales threatens to derail the autoindustryís obligatory efforts to comply with the EUís tough 95g/km fleet average levels by 2021. That was the sobering message from AIDís monthly report of European car sales trends which suggests that Europeís new car buyers are now dumping their discredited diesel cars far faster than earlier anticipated. The clearly deepening anti-diesel sentiment among Europeís anxious new car buyers means that most, if not all carmakers now active in the region are now facing a serious headache and the prospect of serious financial bloodletting from 2020 onwards

There is little doubt. What began with a mere trickle, with anxious European new car buyers replacing their diesel-fuelled cars with a petrol-powered car, is now threatening to turn into a flood. 

Hard data for AIDís exclusive latest European diesel car sales monitor contains yet another bitter dose of worrying autoindustry news: Novemberís West European diesel car sales didnít just fall but plunge.

The extent of the long-drawn out predicament of Europeís savagely-hit diesel car sector can be judged from a steeply trend-bucking 12.3 per cent dive in November diesel car sales at a time when the overall car market grew by a contrasting 5.3 per cent. 

The demise of West Europeís diesel car sector is graphically underlined by the realisation that this November alone the market share loss from the withering diesel car segment reached 8.3 percentage points. 

In Germany, one of Europeís traditional diesel car sales bastions, Novemberís diesel car share haemorrhage reached 10.9 percentage points followed by a no less severe 10.6 percentage points in the UKís fast-shrinking car market. 

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