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  GERMANY | DIESEL          
Diesel scrappage incentives drive Germany’s rush-back to petrol fuelled cars
Published: Mon, 08th January 2017 17:25:15 GMT  

Germany diesel car sales mix history

Although Germany’s 2017 domestic car sales fortunes ended on a high, with last year’s total sales rising 2.7 per cent to 3.55m units, diesel car sales went off a cliff. A sign of underlying consumer car buying trends, Germany’s December diesel car sales plunged by nearly a quarter (-24.1%), cutting Germany’s full year diesel car sales share to just 38.8 per cent. Aside from statistically distorted 2009, that’s Germany’s way and ahead lowest annual diesel car sales share for 14 years. The reasons for the sudden wholesale dumping of diesel-fuelled cars are not terribly difficult to identify 

More hard evidence that Germany’s diesel car market is falling faster now than at any other time in recent history, the sector’s December sales share plunged to just 33.4 per cent. 

That compares with a significantly higher 43.5 per cent during December 2016, pointing to a market share loss of 10.1 percentage points in the past twelve months alone. 

The severity of the diesel bloodletting is due in no small measure to special factors. 

The most significant of these, Germany’s large autoindustry-funded financial incentives to scrap a high-polluting old diesel, have added more urgency to consumers’ intensifying decision to dump their old diesels for mainly petrol-fuelled cars.

December’s car sales share of petrol-fuelled cars zoomed to 62.1 per cent from 53.8 per cent during December last year, according to KBA figures.

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