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Volkswagen Group picks itself off the floor, on track for best US sales this year
Published: Fri, 08th December 2017 16:20:15 GMT  

US GROUP VW Light Vehicle sales history

Volkswagen’s widely anticipated arduous struggle in the US to get back onto its feet after the worst crisis in its history, and its subsequent phoenix like rise from the ashes will likely end up as a classic business school case study

The view that Volkswagen’s North American vehicle operation, thanks to dieselgate, has plunged it into what ranks as its worst and potentially life-threatening crisis is without debate. 

Volkswagen Group brands picked themselves up

But to the astonishment of even seasoned autoindustry observers, signs are that the Volkswagen Group brands have picked themselves up, dusted themselves down, and started all over again. 

Little short of miraculous in the face of the highly toxic problems encountered in the US after the diesel emissions scandal broke in September 2015, Volkswagen is doing rather well. 

That is the main message of this year’s eleven months US Light-Vehicle sales figures. 

They show that the Volkswagen Group could conceivably complete this year with record US vehicle sales. 

By any measure a real turn up for the books - if indeed it turns out that way.

In the US, where it all started and where the ill-effects of the potentially life-threatening dieselgate affair is still hanging over its car sales operation like a highly toxic exhaust cloud, Volkswagen is on the rebound. 

Apart from the billions of euros in jaw-dropping US penalties, on the sales side Volkswagen’s US operation has bounced back far faster than even optimists could have expected. 

It assumes that America’s car buying public, forgives and forgets, and to the relief of Volkswagen’s bigwigs, doesn’t hold a grudge for too long.

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