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October sees 4.6% rise in West Europe’s car sales
Published: Tue, 07th November 2017 17:05:18 GMT  

West European car sales history October 2017

For most of continental Europe, if not for the UK,  this October new passenger cars were still flying off dealership premises. However, pulled down by yet another steep 12.2 per cent dive in the UK’s rapidly cooling new car market, October’s new car sales in Western Europe still topped last year’s same month levels by just 4.6 per cent. Without the UK, new car sales in the remaining West European car market rose 8 per cent in October and 4.8 per cent in the ten months to date, according to provisional AID figures

In the 17 West European markets monitored every month by AID, last month’s new car sales were up on a year ago in no fewer than fourteen markets. 

October’s 4.6 per cent rise in sales brings the cumulative regional car sales total to 12.1m units after 10-months, up 2.9 per cent over last year’s total. 

Significantly, however, last month’s regional car sales have been flattered by one extra working day in most, but not all West European markets. 

In consequence, and excluding the negative effects of the shrinking UK market, West Europe’s car sales rose 8 per cent this October and 4.8 per cent during the ten months to October. 

So while the UK’s previously long-running car sales surge has finally run out of puff, it appears too early to know yet when other major mainland European markets such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain will make the same or similar directional swerve already followed of late by the UK. 

October car sales in the UK, evidently subjected to an altogether different trade cycle than the rest of Europe, have now fallen for seven consecutive months. 

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