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VW’s home car sales share slumps to new 20-year low 
Published: Tue, 11th September 2017 19:50:08 GMT  

VW market share demise 20 year record low

Early days, given that it wasn’t until the first week of August that Volkswagen unveiled details of its domestic diesel scrappage incentives. KBA figures for August reveal that the Volkswagen brand stands out as the biggest notable loser in Germany’s August car market. Although Germany’s August new car market grew by a modest 3.5 per cent, home sales of the Volkswagen brand fell by a contrasting 10.9 per cent. In contrast, with few notable exceptions such as Ford, all of Volkswagen’s main rivals appear to have stolen sales from its battered main rival 

The bottom line then is that this August the Volkswagen brand lost 2.7 percentage points of market share. 

That’s a sobering thought for Volkswagen’s bigwigs as they were heading for the bright lights of this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the usual shop window for Germany’s powerful auto industry. 

Some of the slack was taken up by VW offshoots Skoda and SEAT. 

But despite their strong double-digit sales gains, Volkswagen’s August dive was too big to prevent a notable loss in the group’s August home performance. 

That’s a 2.3 percentage point loss this August, trimming the group’s home share to 34.9 per cent from 37.2 per cent a year ago.

Most revealing of Volkswagen’s current misfortune, during the eight months this year the Volkswagen marque lost 1.7 percentage points of domestic market share. 

The resulting 18.3 per cent of the VW brand’s domestic car sales share stands out as the Volkswagen brand’s lowest domestic car sales share for 20 years, marginally beating the brand’s all-time low of 18.1 per cent in 1997.

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