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Maruti-Suzuki – display of massive marketing muscle power
Published: Fri, 26th May 2017 15:27:17 GMT  

India passenger car sales January - April 2017 by manufacture market share

Whichever way India’s car market is looked at, this, by common consent is a market with huge future sales potential, but at the same time though, it is certainly not a market for the fain hearted. That’s graphically illustrated by GM’s unexpected sudden decision to stop selling its cars in India from the end of this year. AID’s investigation reveals that Maruti-Suzuki, already the unchallenged King on India’s roads, is continuing to flex its mighty marketing muscles to prevent lesser rivals from winning a larger slice of this promising market

By any measure, this year’s Indian car market is performing notably better than earlier expected. 

After a so-so year, with largely unchanged sales of 2.06 million passenger cars, this year began notably without the roller-coaster ride that dominated most of last year. 

Instead, sales have now risen for four successive months. 

Moreover, when judged from the 8.2 per cent sales gain in March and a markedly hotter 17.4 per cent sales surge in April, India’s underlying new car demand presently looks a great deal more vigorous than it did only a few months ago. 

Drawing attention to the fact that India, unlike China’s altogether different passenger car market, remains primarily a market for cheap and cheerful small cars, much of the running in this year’s four months car market was made by market-dominating Maruti-Suzuki. 

This carmaker, which has made India’s car market virtually its own, remains the absolute growth dynamo in this year’s market.

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