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VW - Vorsprung durch Digital 
Smartphone technology plays key role in VW future
Published: Thu, 21st Apr 2017 16:42:07 GMT  

Vorsprung durch Digital User-ID VW

VW - Vorsprung durch Digital - Digital Car-Net ecosystem – User-ID – always on – own profile in multitude of vehicles - personalisation from standardisation

The aim of car companies around the world, which are more or less simultaneously celebrating centennial anniversaries, is not only to respond to the demands from the challenging new digital era, but also to the intensifying threat of new market entrants such as Tesla.

Established in 1937, VW still has a while to wait for its centenary celebrations. 

Yet, Volkswagen now appears well on the way to making its leaky diesel boat digitally water tight. To achieve this, it plans to implement its Car-Net and digital ecosystem infrastructure. 

Future models will feature User-ID - first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year. 

Put simply, Volkswagen’s Car-Net refers to everything related to in-car internet connectivity in Volkswagen Group vehicles.

As part of VW’s Transform 2025+ plan outlined at the end of last year, the company aims to play a leading role in connectivity. 

In consequence, it believes that potentially this move can be turned into a rich sources

By 2025 VW aims to have around 80 million active Car-Net users

By 2025 VW aims to have worldwide around 80 million active users of its connected vehicles. 

That, VW believes, means likely world leadership in the field of digital ecosystems.

Volkswagen’s partnership with semi-conductor supplier Infineon will hasten the move to more digitalised future VW models, the company believes. 

Related future annual sales revenue derived from the sale of in-car technology options and related app sales will approach €1 billion by 2025, VW believes. 

This potential rich future revenue source compares roughly to half of last year’s - VW owned - Bentley sales revenue. 

This could help the Volkswagen brand’s efforts to lift its operating margin from last year’s 1.8 per cent to 6 per cent by 2025.

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