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Toyota eyes on Europe’s slipping diesel car market, hybrids pushed as safe haven
Published: Thu, 13th Apr 2017 18:00:54 GMT  

Germany AFV registrations monthly trends

Keen to cash in with its more future-proof hybrids while Europe’s diesel image is slipping deeper into the dumps, Toyota has put some extra muscle behind its European hybrid sales drive. Toyota, after regaining the coveted title of biggest seller of Japanese cars in the region, currently stands out as one of Europe’s biggest gainers, thanks in no small measure to the less vulnerable qualities of its petrol-electric hybrids

Evidently keen to make hay while the sun shines, and determined to gain most advantage from the fast weakening fortunes of the region’s previously market-dominating diesel car market, last month Toyota again outperformed West Europe’s car market by a long stretch. 

At a time when both European car manufacturers and importers alike are battening down the hatches in the hope of riding out the raging diesel emission storms, Toyota is continuing to push its petrol-electric hybrids as an affordable safe haven in turbulent times.

Whichever way latest West European car sales numbers are analysed, Toyota’s car sales are on a roll, albeit with the assistance of strategic and well-timed substantial self-funded hybrid incentives. 

€3,000 hybrid subsidy

That’s illustrated in Germany, where the carmaker is still tempting new car buyers with a €3,000 hybrid car subsidy. 

The impact can be judged from some startling recent figures. 

Toyota’s March sales in Germany climbed more than three times faster than the market rate. 

That’s a 37.2 per cent jump in March sales, bringing Toyota’s first quarter sales gains in Germany to 31.3 per cent...

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