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Germany’s October car sales down 5.6%, two fewer selling days
Published: Fri, 11th Nov 2016 14:29:11 GMT  

Germany passenger cara sales October 2016 AID Newsletter Forecast

Germany’s October car market, dragged down by two fewer working days, ended with a 5.6 per cent shortfall in sales. Adjusted for the same number of working days October sales were up around four per cent. Despite October’s setback, sales during the ten months to October this year remain 4.9 per cent up on the same time last year, thus keeping the market on course for the earlier projected 3.3m sales in the current year. If it turns out that way, dismissing the 2009 turnout as a blip because of the distorting scrappage incentive effects, this year’s likely 3.3m car sales total would be Germany’s best sales turnout since 2006 when sales reached 3.47m units

AID observers believe that at present, there are three broad trends sweeping Germany’s still healthy looking new car market:

One prompted by consumers’ ostensibly lingering concerns about the future treatment of diesels. 

The others, echoing a continuing winning streak in most neighbouring countries, Germany’s new car buyers are continuing to pile into both SUV-Crossovers and 4WD cars. 

In contrast, the latest state of play in Germany’s electric car market mirrors the picture seen in much of Europe. 

In spite of the belated introduction of a €4,000 purchase incentive, electric car sales still aren't going anywhere fast - and that goes also for October when Germany’s BEV sales took a near 28 per cent dive, keeping Germany’s 10-months BEV sales largely unchanged. 

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