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Today’s Russian car sales are running at just half the levels seen in 2013
Published: Mon, 17th Oct 2016 16:30:21 GMT  

Russia Lada left at side of road Moscow AID Newsletter

Russia’s new car sales have not fallen but slumped. Drawing attention to the severity of today’s deeply entrenched downturn in Russia, where new car sales have now fallen in 42 of the past 44 months, the sheer depth and icy grip of the country’s lingering car sales famine remains almost unparalleled. The sheer depth of the downturn is such - with new car sales falling like a stone for almost four years - that even hard-nosed market observers will shy away from predicting when the market will finally hit bottom

The current year unfolded much in the manner as recent years.

The question is not if sales will fall for yet another month, but by how much.

But it’s not just doom and gloom.

Presently, the sole glimmer of hope for Russia’s dejected new car dealers is that this year’s underlying rate of decline has continued to slow as the year progressed.

But then again, those without a vested interest in the health of Russia’s car market would likely conclude that the market has fallen so far so fast, this year’s moderating rate of decline is hardly surprising.

But those taking more than a casual glance at latest Russian car sales numbers may detect a rare and potentially spirit lifting morsel of good news.

Despite taking a battering in its fast-sagging home market, and with no notable export market to speak of, finally, signs are emerging that Russia’s Lada, thanks to the accomplished financial and marketing muscle of its Renault-Nissan parent, may be about to rise from the ashes.

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