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Never in US history have Light-Trucks captured a higher share of sales
Published: Mon, 26th Sep 2016 15:55:19 GMT  

USA Texas Chevrolet Pick-up 2016

This year’s US Light-Vehicle market, to an extent, reflects the changes now rippling through many of the world’s car markets. The common thread, and largely a function of today’s cheap fuel era, at a time when notably fewer would-be new car buyers, it seems are putting a car’s green credentials high up their priority list, growing numbers are now flocking into SUV-Crossovers in droves. In the US, Europe and China, for instance, the sheer scale of the change is dizzying

This shift, chiefly consumers’ decision to dump conventionally styled cars in favour of a trendy SUVCrossover is now a feature of most leading global car markets. 

But in the US, where vehicles of this type were first conceived, resulting eventually in a market dominated principally by near industrial size Light-Trucks rather than conventionally styled passenger cars, of late these trends have acquired turbo-charged momentum. 

Most telling of current US consumer sentiment, in the eight months to August this year Light-Trucks were already responsible for just under six-in ten US Light-Vehicle sales, a new all-time record. 

By contrast, during this same eight months period, the sales share going to conventional passenger cars slipped to a lowest-ever 40.6 per cent, after sinking below 40 per cent during August itself. 

It means that booming US sales of SUVs and Pick-Ups rather than conventionally styled cars like Honda’s Accord for example were responsible for almost two-in-three of this year’s US Light-Vehicle sales. 

But there are more down to earth tell-tale indicators as to what type of vehicle today’s US consumers are buying


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