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Nissan about to topple Toyota in Europe?
Nissan may be about to dethrone Toyota as biggest Japanese seller of cars in Europe

Published: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 11:37:58 GMT

Nissan about to topple Toyota in Europr Nissan Qashqai Crossover

The way things stand at present, and judged from its recent form, for the first time in sixteen years, Nissan may be about to regain the coveted title of being once more the biggest Japanese seller of cars in Western Europe that it first lost to Toyota as long ago as 1998.

Nissan, riding a wave of success partly because Europeans now share Americaís deeply entrenched love-affair with SUV-Crossovers, stands out as a star performer in the middle ranks of West Europe's car sales chart. 

Thanks in no small part to this yearís market debut of its new second-generation Qashqai Crossover, which supersedes the much-loved first generation Qashqai, in Western Europe Nissan is already snapping at the heels of Toyota.

Rise in Nissan's July West European car sales

Fall in Toyota brand's July West European car sales

In July, AIDís exclusively compiled West European car sales data reveals that fast-gaining Nissan was up 10.3 per cent to 36,400 units. 

The Toyota brand slipped almost 9 per cent to 36,600. 

No less revealing to some market observers, during the seven months to July this year, Nissanís West European car sales topped last yearís comparative levels by a faster than average 10.3 per cent, rising to close on 273,000 cars. 

If it stays that by close of this year, which seems likely, Nissan will end the current year with a highest-ever 3.7 per cent car sales share of West Europeís recovering new car market.

AID forecasters take the view that soon a new milestone could be set. 

If not this year, then next year, hard-pushing Nissan could conceivably dethrone Toyota as the biggest Japanese seller of cars in Western Europe. 

Other than that, and after seven months, Nissanís Leaf also ranks as West Europeís top-selling electric car, according to AIDís own exclusive data


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