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Are we about to see a belated Japanese love-affair with oh so trendy SUV-Crossovers?
Hondaís new Vezel Crossover appears to have struck a chord with Japanís new car buyers

Published: Wed, 28 May 2014 17:53:09 GMT

Japan Honda Vezel crossover

In pin-sharp contrast with China, the US, Western Europe or Russia, where latest SUV-Crossovers stand out as the trendiest transport for the past few seasons, asked to name a hot sector in Japan few would think of Crossovers. 

But that may be about to change. 

First faint signs that the already flourishing global SUV-Crossover trend may be about to take root in Japan have emerged from latest Japanese car sales figures. 

In a market long-known for the popularity of 660cc Midget (kei) cars, chiefly because they are cheap, small and easy to drive, there are hazy signs of a potential underlying change in fashion. 

Hondaís new Vezel Crossover, which is understood to share its platform with the all-new Fit (Jazz), appears to have struck a chord with Japanís new car buyers, not least because it can also be had as a full hybrid. 

Jada supplied car sales figures reveal that this April Vezel has already captured the high-up 6th slot in Japanís top seller chart. 

Four months into the current year Vezelís home sales soared to a respectable 27,100 units. 

Hybrid share of the 27,100 Honda Vezels sold in Japan during the 4-months to April this year

No less surprising to Japan market observers, thereís also Nissanís new X-Trail. 

Styled not longer like a traditional SUV, but dressed instead - like its hugely successful new Qashqai brother - as a trendy mainstream Crossover. 

This April, with 4,204 sales to its credit, and coming from nowhere, Nissanís new X-Trail captured 10th position in Aprilís top-ten


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JAPAN new CAR sales:

by manufacturer and marque
APRIL 2014 v APRIL 2013
4-MONTHS 2014 v 4-MONTHS 2013

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