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Mercedes’ reworked new E-Class estate
Club-class long-distance cruiser with King-size boot
Published: Thu, 03 Oct 2013 18:26:52 GMT

New Mercedes E-Class T-Model Estate boot space

Mercedes’ reworked new E-Class estate, following its first extensive mid-life facelift since its original launch in 2009, made its UK showroom debut last month with prices starting at £34,485 for the range-entry 170PS 220 CDI manual. 

Prices for the slightly earlier launched new saloon version, powered by the same engine, start at £32,695. 

That translates into a £1,790 price premium for the markedly more versatile new E-Class estate.

Price premium for new E-Class estate over saloon

Mercedes’ strategic thinkers, after digging deeper than ever with a mid-term major facelift, hope that their new E-Class saloon and estate convince today’s discerning Executive-Sector buyers that the world’s oldest luxury car brand is back on track. 

AID sampled the greatly revamped new E-Class estate during an extended near 2,000 mile test and concludes that apart from its simply massive load-carrying capability and admirable qualities as an economical long-distance motorway express, its refinement and classy ride quality in particular place it firmly in the baby S-Class category, whilst costing just a fraction of the price of its range topping new S-Class brother


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