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Ford throttles back Russian production
Ford reacts to slowing Focus demand, throttles back Russian production
Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 18:36:02 GMT

Ford production Russia Focus

Shrinking underlying demand for its locally assembled Focus has forced Ford to cut back future production at its St Petersburg joint-venture plant to adjust downwards future plant output with markedly lower future demand expectations. 

In Russia, Focus sales in the year to the end of July slumped by almost a quarter to just under 40,000 units, according to figures from AEB, while sales in July alone plunged 25 per cent compared with the prior year

Russia Ford Focus sales in the period up to August

With fears rising that Russia’s car market may now be heading for a harder landing than forecasters had still expected during the closing months of last year, some carmakers were placed in a double bind. 

Not only has this year’s Russian car market failed to live up to optimistic earlier expectations, with seven months car sales already trailing year earlier levels by some 6.6 per cent, the type of car now favoured by Russia’s dwindling new car buyers has also changed


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