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A diesel that thinks itís electric - Volvoís V60 Plug-in
Perfect for green commuter, shame about its price
Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 15:40:52 GMT

Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid internal driving mode switches

Contrary to the contentions that Geely-owned Volvo is too small to develop a new plug-in hybrid under its own steam, Volvo has rolled out a still novel diesel-powered plug-in capable of travelling in pure electric mode for just over 30 miles. Less good, at least for the vast majority of the UKís new car buyers, its admirable credentials on the CO
2 front (48g/km) are counter balanced by its eye-popping high price. Before the UKís £5,000 plug-in grant, Volvoís V60 plug-in estate is priced from £48,775

Toyota, by any measure, first got this particular ball rolling, and when judged from worldwide sales of its pioneering Prius, there is no doubt that hybrid technology in cars has arrived and now forms a lasting part of the automotive market. 

UK price of V60 plug-in estate, before the UKís £5,000 plug-in grant

With petrol-electric hybrids firmly on the automotive map, albeit with a sizeable presence in some markets like Japan, a still modest following in the US, and still next to no interest in diesel-dominated Europe, of late carmakers have moved one further step ahead. 

Thatís plug-in hybrids, chiefly a halfway technological solution between conventional hybrids and battery powered electric cars like Nissanís LEAF or Renaultís ZOE


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