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Sudden spring in SEATís step - 3-door Leon
New Leonís sportier 3-door brother bolsters SEATís European sales blitz
Published: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 18:26:45 GMT

SEAT Leon SC 2013MY blue

SEATís three-pronged assault on Europeís market dominating Golf sector, kicked off with its mainstay all-new 5-door Leon, now followed by a slightly cheaper and sportier looking 3-door Ė the Leon SC Ė will be crowned this month with the launch of a 5-door estate. 

The recent addition of the Leon SC, making it two out of three, is part of SEATís self-evident bid to bury an undistinguished past with a so far impressive bid to further consolidate its already tightening grip on Europeís gradually recovering new car market. 

SEAT currently ranks as Volkswagen Groupís fastest gainer in Europe.

SEATís all-new Leon, based like latest Golf, Audiís A3 and äkodaís new Octavia on Volkswagenís state-of-the art MQB platform, is a convincing car. 

The best Leon yet, by a long stretch. 

So it comes hardly as a surprise to learn that the mainstay 5-door of the new Leon range has now been joined by a shorter wheelbase 3-door derivative


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