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Petrol motor with diesel thirst
Ford Focus first petrol-fuelled car with sub CO2 100g/km emissions
Published: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 19:09:00 GMT

Ford Focus 1 litre cars red white blue

This week Ford fired its opening salvo in the ultra-low CO
2 emission battle for family cars across the bows of Europe’s leading producers of diesel fuelled cars who, thanks to technological advance with their long leading fuel-misers, have made this niche almost their own. Apart from a handful of leading petrol-electric hybrids, Europe’s sub- 100g/km CO2 niche has been chiefly a diesel affair. Until now that is

Potentially at least, with its sub 100g/km petrol-fuelled Focus, due to reach European showrooms early next year, Ford has put the cat among the pigeons. 

Its forthcoming deep-green Focus, competing in Europe’s market dominating Golf sector, boasts with a number of technological modifications that helped cut the car’s claimed average CO
2 emissions to 99g/km, the first petrol-powered car in the Golf-class to do so....more


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