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Baby Crossover boom - Renault Captur
Renaultís captivating new Captur Crossover hits UK dealerships
Published: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 16:32:45 GMT

Renault Captur side orange road test

Renault will be hoping that its new small Captur Crossover will be capable of capturing a healthy slice of the still flourishing SUV-Crossover sector that grew by 6.8 per cent across Western Europe last year

Two years after Renault unveiled a small Crossover concept called the Captur at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show the French manufacturer has launched the more refined road-going version. 

With 3 more seats and two more doors than the concept, AID was told categorically that for the volume-made Captur Renault doesnít plan a 3-door coupť derivative.

Amongst 20 models based on Renault-Nissanís Alliance B platform - including latest Clio IV and same sector Nissan Juke - Renault has marked its intent of entering the small Crossover sector for the first time with the Captur


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