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Crossovers - Universal global bright spot
China’s SUV-Crossover boom shows no signs of fading
Published: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:08:56 GMT

Haval Motor show Great Wall China
Great Wall's Haval M2

Whichever way this year’s Chinese car market is analysed, more and more of the country’s new car buyers are still opting for latest SUV-Crossovers in droves.

1.5 million plus
SUV-Crossover sales during the first half of this year in China

The seemingly undiminished appeal of this vehicle type is such in fact that during the first half of this year SUV-Crossover sales have rocketed ahead by close on 40 per cent to just over 1.5 million vehicles. 

That’s almost 440,000 extra sales during the first half, lifting China’s fast gaining SUV-Crossover share to almost 21 per cent, up nearly 4 percentage points against the same time last year


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CHINA new CAR sales:
CHINA new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUN 2013 v JUN 2012
CHINA new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-MTHS
2013 v 6-MTHS 2012  

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