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Itís third time round for Porscheís Boxster
Same fun, more wallet-friendly and a great deal more practical
Published: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 18:23:45 GMT

Porsche Boxster 2013MY front 3 quarter Red

Itís third time round for Porscheís Boxster. But apart from being less thirsty, lighter and roomier than its predecessor, this time it comes with a more practical luggage capability, and some of your temperature sensitive shopping, carried in its rear boot, will no longer melt on the homeward leg of your supermarket run

Porsche Boxsters built last year

At least visually, and apart from the more stylish rear end, on first casual acquaintance the new Boxster doesnít appear to differ a great deal from the earlier model. Yet its lighter, slightly longer and roomier body, just like its reworked front-suspension, is the result of a complete redesign, Porsche said. 

Last year Porsche built 10,420 Boxsters and some 28,300 Carreras


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