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Infiniti - Will Nissan throw the towel?
Will Nissan throw the towel on luckless European venture?
Published: Thu, 18 July 2013 19:40:30 GMT

Infiniti model on stand Geneva 2013

To spot one of Infiniti’s cars in mainland Europe is indeed a rare event, simply and plainly because the cars have clearly failed to generate even faint interest from Europe’s spoiled for choice prestige car buyers. 

None of that has surprised some ardent market observers.

That’s because Toyota’s Lexus brand, after an undistinguished market presence of 23 years, is still failing to capture even halfway decent sales from the region’s highly reluctant car buying public.

After banging on Europe’s Executive-Sector door for decades, even hard-trying Lexus has evidently failed to get entry. 

Its cars, despite the company’s widely acknowledged monumental efforts on both the quality and refinement side of things, have clearly failed to clear the crucial desirability hurdle.

And to the dismay of Toyota’s senior European executives, in Europe Lexus sales have never managed to rise much above also-ran status.

Undeterred by the arduous and continuing uphill struggle from Toyota’s Lexus brand, Nissan’s Infiniti brand joined the fray after first opening for business in 2008


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