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Dacia Syndrome
Volkswagen also rumoured to be eyeing sub-Škoda budget brand
Published: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 18:50:03 GMT

Skoda stand Geneva 2013 white stripes

If the autoindustry’s bush telegraph is anything to go by, Volkswagen too is considering to soon jump on the still speeding value-brand bandwagon. 

That’s understood to be due in part to the markedly better than expected success of its still fast growing Škoda brand. 

Upwardly mobile Škoda, and seen by some as one of the auto industry’s fastest climbers in the image stakes, has continued to drift further and further away from its value-brand roots.

For the Volkswagen Group all this has its pluses and minuses. 

The main drawback is that Škoda’s inexorable upward move has evidently left a gaping vacuum at the very bottom of the market


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