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Budget brands all the rage
In France, Dacia edges ahead of fast slipping Ford, but suffers June setback
Published: Thu, 18 July 2013 18:09:32 GMT

Dacia Logan MCV on display in Geneva

At a time when even Koreaís previously fast climbing Hyundai-Kia sat back for a well-deserved pause for breath, posting a 6.5 per cent car sales dip in June, Romaniaís Dacia was the marketís other undisputed big gainer. 

Its West European June sales soared by more than 14 per cent, due at least in part to the first time availability of its cars in the UK market. 

Coming from nowhere, Daciaís UK sales in June already reached a credible 1,829 units, bringing the total sold in the UK during the first half to 6,994 units.

Dacia's West European June sales rise compared to June last year

Dacia, in Western Europe, posting a 14.6 per cent car sales gain this June and an even hotter 19.9 per cent gain at the first half post, clearly ranks as the regionís most notable climber, thanks in no small part to this yearís first time debut of its cars in the righthand-drive British market...more


W-Europe's June car sales down just 6.2%  18 Jul 2013

In June, Ford of Europe has sprung back to life, but 9.7% adrift at half-time  18 Jul 2013

May car sales frost  18 Jun 2013


EUROPEAN new CAR sales:
European new car sales by country JUN 2013 v JUN 2012
European new car sales by country 6-MONTHS 2013 v 6-MONTHS 2012

W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUN 2013 v JUN 2012
W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-MTHS
'13 v 6-MTHS '12  

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