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Ford fighting against the tide
In June, Ford of Europe has sprung back to life, but 9.7% adrift at half-time
Published: Thu, 18 July 2013 17:31:58 GMT

Ford Go Further logo 2013

Ford, among leading carmakers, stands out as Juneís biggest notable gainer in the top tier of the regionís carmakers. 

Thatís partly because of yet another month of double-digit overall car sales expansion in the UK, which Ford has long dominated as the leading brand.

Flexing its considerable marketing muscle in the one solitary European main market where sales are still heading the right way couldnít fail but provide Fordís overall European fortunes with a disproportional big boost.


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EUROPEAN new CAR sales:
European new car sales by country JUN 2013 v JUN 2012
European new car sales by country 6-MONTHS 2013 v 6-MONTHS 2012

W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUN 2013 v JUN 2012
W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-MTHS
'13 v 6-MTHS '12

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