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Škoda’s all-new Club-Class Octavia
Škoda’s all-new Octavia estate arrives at UK showrooms
Published: Thu, 18 July 2013 16:45:11 GMT

Skoda Octavia 2013MY Road Test and evaluation

Fully in keeping with Škoda’s cunning marketing pitch - deceptively large on the outside - the outgoing Octavia looked deliberately bigger than it really was. 

Not so with the all-new model, which, thanks to a longer wheelbase, is clearly the most spacious Octavia to date. 

It seats four average size adults in complete comfort and now qualifies in almost every respect as a genuine long-distance cruiser. 

That goes for both the new 5-door hatchback and the new 5-door estate that made its UK showroom appearance only last month with prices starting at Ł16,790. 

That translates into an Ł800 price premium over the earlier launched new 5-door hatchback.

Škoda’s genuinely all-new Octavia has gained Club-Class comfort for its rear-seat passengers and their luggage, while retaining the all-round appealing value-for-money qualities that have always attracted cheque ready Octavia buyers in droves. 

Last year, whilst impeded by the changeover to the all-new Octavia range, Škoda still built 406,360 Octavias – 43 per cent of the 943,400 cars built by the Czech carmaker that year. 

AID compiled figures reveal
that almost a quarter of a million (244,000) of these were sold in Europe, with a further 143,000 sold in China


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