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New Mercedes S-Class
Mercedes’ new luxo-barge S-Class cleared for take-off
Published: Thu, 04 July 2013 15:55:34 GMT

Merecedes-Benz new S-Class front 3-qtr

Fanfare, drum-rolls and a great deal of showmanship, the wraps are off the next generation Mercedes S-Class. With German prices starting at a hefty €79,790, it goes on sale later this month - and if the recent past is any guide, most will be heading for China

The launch presentations of a topnotch model from Mercedes always promise great theatre. 

In a similar vain to a new Apple product-launch Mercedes opted to add a touch of familiar extravagance to its latest top-of-the-tree luxury S-Class unveiling with a high profile media launch.

Instead of the more traditional motor show unveiling, conducted under bright lights by its Chief- Executive before the world’s attending press, this time round Mercedes took all this just a stage further. 

In familiar Mercedes showmanship, this time the wraps were lifted with glitz and glamour at the Airbus passenger aircraft facility in Hamburg, effectively giving its new flagship luxury barge the thumbs up for take-off.


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