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Chill grips Russia’s car market
May sees 4th fall in a row
Published: Tue 18 June 2013 16:56:00 GMT

Moscow traffic rain 2013

The clearest sign yet that the slowdown that first halted Russia’s previously fast gaining car market in its tracks during the closing months of last year has sunk its teeth further into Russia’s car market since the start of this year is echoed in a markedly steeper than feared 12.1 per cent drop in May car sales

The latest dip in sales, which marks the fifth and way ahead steepest month on month decline in six months, has widened the sales shortfall at this year’s five months stage to 4.5 per cent. 

But even that masks a steeper underlying slide in sales. 

That’s chiefly because January’s oddball rise in sales – up 3.6 per cent - was the only sales gain since November last year. 

Since then, with the exception of January’s largely inexplicable blip in the right direction, sales have continued to spiral downwards


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RUSSIA new CAR sales:
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAY 2013 v MAY 2012
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque 5-MTHS 2013 v 5-MTHS 2012

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