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Trendy motors have 4 driven wheels
Europe sees decade and a half of almost uninterrupted 4WD growth
Published: Tue, 18 June 2013 16:40:58 GMT

BMW X1 drifting snow 4WD

Proof of the sector’s astonishing staying power, and contrary to the ongoing weakness of Europe’s overall car market, one and a half decades of growth culminated last year when trendy 4WD vehicles captured 11.6 per cent of West Europe’s car market, thus setting a second successive all-time record in a row. 

West European 4WD share last year

Switzerland, evidently helped by its topography and comparatively snow-rich winters, remains the region’s undisputed 4WD capital. 

Last year, after setting yet another all-time sales record, 4WD equipped cars accounted for almost a third of Switzerland’s total new car sales


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