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German-made cars rule Britainís roads
Last year the greatest number of German-made cars ended up on Britainís shores

Published: Fri, 15 March 2013 14:30:34 GMT

Wolfsburg Golf production

Ask almost anyone in the business as to where most exports of German-made cars were heading in the main and more often than not the answer is the US or China. Wrong!

Last year the greatest number of German-made cars ended up on Britainís shores.

Thatís no fewer than 689,437 cars, which beats year earlier passenger car shipments to Britain by some 6.3 per cent, according to figures from the VDA, Germanyís autoindustry federation.

By way of comparison, last yearís exports of German-made cars to the US rose 18.8 per cent to 624,557, accompanied by some 284,704 car shipments to China.

Number of German-made cars ending up on Britainís shores last year

Apart from ď1966 and two world warsĒ, an all too familiar chant from England supporters at international football games between Englandís and Germanyís national football team, there are no two ways about it: Brits still love German cars.

VDA supplied car export figures for last year, excluding cars sold in the UK by Volkswagen, BMW and Audi for instance, but sourced from non-German plants, already accounted for one-in-three of last yearís UK new car sales.

Thatís 689,437 of the 2.04 million new cars sold in the UK last year.

But thatís not all, because to that can be added the cars sold in the UK by German owned brands that were not built at German plants.

An example would be that virtually all the Polos sold by VW in the UK last year were built in South Africa.

Likewise, BMWís X3s and X5s came from the US, whilst all of Audiís A1 were assembled in Belgium


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