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VW Group US sales record 2017Volkswagen Group picks itself off the floor, on track for best US sales this year

Volkswagen’s widely anticipated arduous struggle in the US to get back onto its feet after the worst crisis in its history, and its subsequent phoenix like rise from the ashes will likely end up as a classic business school case study.  The view that Volkswagen’s North American vehicle operation, thanks to dieselgate, has plunged it into what ranks as its worst and potentially life-threatening crisis is without debate 

  | Top three selling SUVs in US last year came from Japanese manufacturers
| Volkswagen takes West Europe’s October electric car sales crown



| USA    
USA JAPANESE SUVs 2016 sales
Top three selling SUVs in US last year came from Japanese manufacturers

Last year’s US Camry sales slipped 9.5 per cent to 388,618 units. But a reflection of last year’s trends, that slack was taken up by a contrasting 11.6 per cent sales gain to a not dissimilar 352,154 units from Toyota’s latest RAV-4. Last year’s US sales story at Honda was largely the same. Last year’s US Accord sales slipped 5.1 per cent to 345,951 units, but that was at least partly offset by a 3.4 per cent sales gain to 357,335 from Honda’s strikingly popular CR-V SUVCrossover

  | Crossover country - Type of car bought by today’s US buyers has changed
| US | It’s the big SUV comeback


USA Crossover vs. passenger car share 2016Crossover country - Type of car bought by today’s US buyers has changed

Never before in domestic US Light-Vehicles history have so many vehicles been sold as last year. This new 17.5m record, although most featured in media reporting, barely scrapes the surface. That’s chiefly because last year saw a multitude of new all-time records in what still ranks as the world’s second biggest Light-Vehicle market. Perhaps most captivating for market observers and part of a tale now strongly echoed in both China and Europe, last year’s record 6.9 million US sales of SUV-Crossovers effectively equalled continuously dwindling sales of conventionally bodied passenger cars such as saloons


  | Never in US history have Light-Trucks captured a higher share of sales
| US | It’s the big SUV comeback


China, the US and Western Europe live up to autoindustry’s ‘pillars of strength’ reputation

Testament to their long-standing reputation as the autoindustry’s genuine powerhouse markets, last year’s combined new car sales in the still vibrant main markets of China, the US and Western Europe alone reached a record 54.3m cars, thus accounting for around eight-in-ten of last year’s global new car sales


  | Lingering gloom as Brazil’s car sales continue to plummet
| Today’s Russian car sales are running at just half the levels seen in 2013


US Emission VW agreement grillEnd is near – final hammer blow in VW’s US Dieselgate affair

Volkswagen US Dieselgate settlements – expectation of near imminent “Guilty Plea” linked to binding agreement to pay $4.3bn US criminal and civil fines – VW said “the payment obligations are expected to lead to a financial expense that exceeds the current provisions  

  | Europe’s diesel car market just keeps deteriorating
| Europe’s diesel demand crisis deepening



Never in US history have Light-Trucks captured a higher share of sales
Published: Mon, 26th Sep 2016

This year’s US Light-Vehicle market, to an extent, reflects the changes now rippling through many of the world’s car markets. The common thread, and largely a function of today’s cheap fuel era, at a time when notably fewer would-be new car buyers, it seems are putting a car’s green credentials high up their priority list, growing numbers are now flocking into SUV-Crossovers in droves. In the US, Europe and China, for instance, the sheer scale of the change is dizzying

  | It’s the big SUV comeback
| Ford’s US profits soar on cheap fuel



USA SUV Crossover Light Truck sales AID NewsletterIt’s the big SUV comeback  

Sales share of SUV-Crossovers, thanks to cheap fuel, zooms to new all-time record. America’s new car sales in the two months to February this year picked up where they left off from last year’s bumper result, with Light-Trucks leaving conventionally bodied passenger cars like Toyota’s sector leading Camry way behind in the dust.

  | Ford’s US profits soar on cheap fuel 
| Hottest ever US Light-Vehicle sales zoom to 17.5m record  




Ford USA Light vehicle passenger car sales mix historyFord’s US profits soar on cheap fuel 

US consumers, thanks to the return to cheap fuel, are gravitating back in droves to SUV-Crossovers and Pick-Ups. Given that these vehicles stand out as the most profitable vehicles most car makers sell, couldn’t fail but lift Ford’s US automotive profit balloon into new record orbit. For last year Ford reported a 48.1 per cent jump in pre-tax profits to a record $10.8bn and a company pre-tax margin of 7.2 per cent, rising to a sky-high 10.2 per cent for Ford’s North American region, the major source of last year’s bumper profits 

  | Hottest ever US Light-Vehicle sales zoom to 17.5m record 
| Fuel-sippers don’t make sense in the US when fuel is cheap and plentiful 




USA Light Vehicle sales history AID Newsletter researchHottest ever US Light-Vehicle sales zoom to 17.5m record 

The pace of US Light-Vehicle sales, zooming to a new all time high last year, has put the autoindustry on notice that this still sizzling market, a key engine of global growth during these past two years, is still firing on all cylinders. Recent record vehicle sales activity, compounded by the strengthening value of the US dollar and slowing sales in China, have acted as a strong magnet for exporters of built-up cars in mainly Japan, South Korea and Europe 

  | US on course for bumper 17m plus sales this year
| Fuel-sippers don’t make sense in the US when fuel is cheap and plentiful




Audi grill California EPA USA dieselsUSA
Audi acknowledges that V6 diesel software needs modification to comply with EPA rules 

Volkswagen’s upmarket Audi brand, this week, conceded to US authorities that its 3.0 litre V6 diesel used in the US in Volkswagen Group cars are equipped with software that contravenes ruling Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules

  | Has Volkswagen’s fool’s game primed ticking time bomb?
| Diesel or not, that is the question



US car sales trends AID NewsletterUS on course for bumper 17m plus sales this year

The US Light-Vehicle market, despite a slowing pulse rate, remains on course for 17m plus sales this year. If it turns out that way, and the chances still look good, that magic level would be reached for only the third time in US automotive history, thanks to growing consumer confidence, low fuel prices and a flurry of tempting ongoing deals to shift the metal

> Fuel-sippers don’t make sense in the US when fuel is cheap and plentiful
> Can’t beat them, join them - VW's US SUV plans





WV emissions Winterkorn black and whiteVW charged with using software to cheat on US exhaust emissions testing

Volkswagen Group stands accused of manipulating software to circumvent tough US exhaust emission standards for some of the diesel-fuelled cars it sold in the US, leaving the company highly vulnerable to millions in future fines and rectification costs

> Diesels still account for more than half the cars sold in Western Europe
> Diesel fuelled cars still reign supreme throughout Western Europe





US passenger car sales mix full year 2014 Cheap fuel sparks rethink
Fuel-sippers don’t make sense in the US when fuel is cheap and plentiful
  > Dynamism, after this year’s early jitters, returns to US Light-Vehicle marke



World car sales 2014 by region Global car sales zoom to new record high, fifth record in a row
Boosted chiefly by high ongoing demand in China and an earlier than feared return from US
  > China’s car production at full throttle



LA traffic FreewayHappy days are here again
Gone, or seemingly forgotten, US consumer fears about forever growing petrol pump prices
  > Dynamism, returns to US Light-Vehicle market

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