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World premium car sales quarterly history AIDFor Mercedes, China still holds key to global prestige sector leadership 

Daimler’s still high-flying Mercedes car brand, under fire from powerful volleys of competitive shots from compatriot prestige sector rivals BMW and Audi, nevertheless retained September’s and year to date position as the world's top-selling prestige car brand

  | Audi claws back August prestige sector crown in China
| Mercedes, the calm before the storm?



| Western Europe Q3 car sales data and analysisEUROPE | Q3 PASSENGER CAR SALES ANALYSIS
New passenger car sales fell by 2.8% in Western Europe last month  

West Europe’s September car sales, held back by one fewer working day in most of the region’s markets, fell 2.8 per cent to 1.36m units. The expected setback, dragged down particularly by a near 10 per cent sales dip in the UK, cuts West Europe’s gains after nine months of otherwise growing new car sales to 2.8 per cent. September’s drop in sales, only the second sales dip this year, brings West Europe’s cumulative car sales total to 11m units after 9-months, according to AID’s own provisional car sales data

  | VW’s home car sales share slumps to new 20-year low
| Western Europe | July clues on car recovery strength



| West European electric car sales BEV data and analysis August 2017EUROPE | ELECTRIC CAR SALES |   AID DATA    
Europe’s BEV picture brightens  

In what generally ranks as the most significant holiday month of the year, typified more often than not by dealers’ deserted car showrooms, August still stands out as this year’s third best sales month for electric cars in (BEVs) Western Europe. The lively rate of growth seen of late in much of Europe, and this August in particular, gives rise to the more upbeat view that from now on electric cars in Europe could sell in higher numbers than forecasters in and out of the industry had earlier predicted

  | Toyota hybrids still reaping benefits of dieselgate scandal
| Record month at home for Volkswagen’s electric car sales



Peter Schmidt AID Newsletter Journal Report WarwickOh dear, fleet average CO2 levels now on the rise

"Finally, those in the electric car business, after spending large sums on new technology and frustrating years of going nowhere in particular, may feel as though they’re getting somewhere 
Peter Schmidt | Editor

| Consequences of a falling diesel share – rising CO2 levels?
  | Berlin diesel summit - Too little too late


| August diesel car sales Western Europe data and trendsEUROPE | DIESELS |   AID DATA    
Talk of city diesel ban sparks rush for the exit  

AID compiled data reveals that fast fading interest in diesel powered cars has cut West Europe’s diesel car sales share to just 42.8 per cent in August. This marks the way and ahead lowest monthly turnout since the VW scandal broke in September 2015

  | Germany’s August diesel car share slumps to lowest level for decade and a half
| Diesel car market pauses after losing sales share for 18 months running



| China premium car sales Jan-Aug trends 2017PREMIUM BRANDS | MONTHLY SALES TRENDS   
Audi claws back August prestige sector crown in China  

Audi’s already harassed bigwigs have breathed a sigh of relief following a continuing rebound in the brand’s car sales fortunes in China, Audi’s biggest market. In spite of this year’s third monthly gain in a row, however, commentators remain unsure as to whether Audi - for the whole of this year - will be strong enough to dislodge Mercedes and BMW from their newly gained first and second position in China’s still buzzing prestige sector market. In China, at this year’s eight months stage, Audi still trails behind Mercedes and BMW, albeit by a gradually shrinking margin 

  | Mercedes, the calm before the storm?
| Prestige sector car battle – Mercedes’ star still climbing



  |  By country August 2017 v August 2016
|  By country 8-Months 2017 v 8-Months 2016
  |  By manufacturer August 2017 v August 2016
|  By manufacturer 8-Months 2017 v 8-Months 2016
  |  By country August 2017 v August 2016
|  By country 8-Months 2017 v 8-Months 2016
  |  By manufacturer September 2017 v September 2016
|  By manufacturer 9-Months 2017 v 9-Months 2016
  |  By manufacturer August 2017 v August 2016
|  By manufacturer 8-months 2017 v 8-months 2016

|  By major market August 2017 v August 2016
|  By major market 8-months 2017 v 8-months 2016


| Volkswagen Market share 20 year low pointGERMANY  
VW’s home car sales share slumps to new 20-year low  

Early days, given that it wasn’t until the first week of August that Volkswagen unveiled details of its domestic diesel scrappage incentives. KBA figures for August reveal that the Volkswagen brand stands out as the biggest notable loser in Germany’s August car market. Although Germany’s August new car market grew by a modest 3.5 per cent, home sales of the Volkswagen brand fell by a contrasting 10.9 per cent. In contrast, with few notable exceptions such as Ford, all of Volkswagen’s main rivals appear to have stolen sales from its battered main rival 

  | Germany’s August diesel car share slumps to lowest level for decade and a half
| Volkswagen still losing market share battle



| Germany VW BEV electric car sales spikeGERMANY | ELECTRIC CAR MARKET 
Record month at home for VW's electric car sales  

Never before in Germany’s short electric car (BEVs) history has Volkswagen found as many willing home buyers for its BEVs as this August. Buoyed expectedly by VW’s sky-high €11,760 domestic subsidy for anyone willing to scrap an old diesel in exchange for a new e-Golf BEV, Volkswagen’s August electric car sales in Germany zoomed to 539 units, according to official German KBA car registration numbers 

  | Volkswagen still losing market share battle
| July’s BEV turnout in Europe paints brighter picture




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Electric BEV Diesel sales data each month Western Europe















West European Diesel sales figures and trends AID Newsletter October 2016|DIESEL CAR SALES  
49.5% 2016 West European diesel share 





European Hybrid sales 2016 Toyota|EUROPE HYBRID SALES
 Toyota eyes on slipping diesel market





Q1 BEV electric car sales Western Europe AID|Q1 ELECTRIC CAR SALES
Highest-ever BEV sales total on record




World premium car sales 2016 10-Months AID Newsletter|PREMIUM CAR SALES
 Premium year for Mercedes, BMW, Audi 




AID Newsletter 4WD 4x4 European sales trends |4X4 DEMAND 
Mix has never been higher 





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