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Germany hybrid car sales trends July 2017Hyundai-Kia eyes on Toyota’s long-uncontested leadership of European hybrid car market

It may still be tiny and best known by Toyota’s hitherto uncontested sector leadership, but Europe’s market for simple petrol-electric hybrid cars may be about to enjoy a new lease of life as millions of Europe’s anxious diesel car owners appear ready to desert the crisis-hit diesel car market in droves. Hyundai-Kia, sensing an opportunity and hoping that today’s hybrid car sales trickle can soon turn into a stream, have only recently opened their hybrid car stall in Europe 

  | July sees neck-and-neck BEV sales in Germany and Norway
| Toyota eyes on Europe’s slipping diesel car market, hybrids pushed as safe haven



| VW West European Market share drop 2017WESTERN EUROPE |   AID DATA    
Volkswagen still losing market share battle  

Stung this July by a trendbucking 13.2 per cent dip in domestic German sales, AID figures show that market-leading Volkswagen ranks among West Europe’s biggest July losers. In a month that saw West European sales rise by 1.9 per cent, July’s Volkswagen brand sales in Western Europe dropped 5 per cent, thus trimming its July car sales share by nearly one percentage point to 11.1 per cent 

  | July clues on car recovery strength
| Berlin diesel summit - Too little too late



| April electric car sales Western Europe BEVEUROPE | ELECTRIC CAR MARKET
July sees neck-and-neck BEV sales in Germany and Norway  

Germany’s electric car market seems set to start this year’s second half in the manner it spent the first half of this year, growing markedly faster than expected 

  | Electric car (BEV) June sales share hits 1% mark
| AID forecasts record 100,000 plus electric car sales in Western Europe this year



| July West European passenger car sales slowingWESTERN EUROPE |   AID DATA  
July clues on car recovery strength  

Europe’s car recovery rate dragged down by faltering UK

AID compiled figures reveal that recovery growth in West Europe’s car market, which reached a higher than earlier expected rate of 7.5 per cent during this year’s first quarter and has ground to a halt in the second quarter, has regained some momentum in July. 

  | June sees 5th West European car sales gain in first half
| April disappoints with 8 per cent fall in car sales



  |  By country July 2017 v July 2016
|  By country 7-Months 2017 v 7-Months 2016
  |  By manufacturer July 2017 v July 2016
|  By manufacturer 7-Months 2017 v 7-Months 2016
  |  By manufacturer July 2017 v Jyly 2016
|  By manufacturer 7-months 2017 v 7-months 2016

|  By major market July 2017 v July 2016
|  By major market 7-months 2017 v 7-months 2016

  |  By model 5-Months 2017
| USA 
  |  By model 7-Months 2017


| Japan H1 car sales trends 2017 hybrid countryJAPAN | H1 CAR MARKET   
Signs of life spotted in Japan’s car market 

Like most of Western Europe, Japan’s car market looks like a mature and saturated market. And yet, after more than a decade of near stagnation, with annual car sales hovering around the 4.5 million annual domestic sales level, those looking close enough at latest Japanese car sales numbers will detect an extremely rare phenomenon: a rise in new car sales. 

  | Renewed fall in March points to cooler Korean car market
| Japan – Global car hybrid capital



| West European H1 Diesel car sales trends 2017EUROPE | DIESELS |   AID DATA    
Consumers’ eroding confidence in diesels 

Europe’s diesel car market appears to be in a seemingly uncontrollable tailspin. At half-time, West Europe’s fast-ebbing diesel car sales share slumped to 46.1 per cent. A new 14-year low point if statistically distorted 2009 (scrappage incentive) is ignored. This June, testament to the latest state of play, West Europe’s diesel car sales share dropped to 45.2 per cent, a steep 4.4 percentage point loss in the past twelve months alone 

  | Europe's diesel car sales share hits lowest level since start of diesel scandal
| French car buyers switch back to petrol in droves, diesel share slips to recent low



Peter Schmidt AID Newsletter Journal Report WarwickBerlin diesel summit - Too little too late

"Better late than never. Finally, Germany’s carmakers, historically highly reliant on diesel powered cars have decided to act before the going gets worse. This past Wednesday, Germany’s leading carmakers got together in Berlin in order to hammer out a deal to stop the rot. No doubt, each participating autoindustry member knows only too well that to date the anti-diesel lobby has won hands down. That’s not at all surprising
Peter Schmidt | Editor

| Consequences of a falling diesel share – rising CO2 levels?
  | Consumers’ eroding confidence in diesels


| West European electric car sales H1 AID dataEUROPE | ELECTRIC CAR MARKET |   AID DATA   
Electric car (BEV) June sales share hits 1% mark 

In Western Europe’s June market BEVs captured 1% car sales share, buoyed by hot sales in both Norway and Germany, AID data reveals.
Europe’s electric car market, coming hot on the heels of a record first quarter, has lost little fizz during subsequent months. That’s underlined by latest AID compiled figures showing that regional BEV sales between April and June this year reached the second highest quarterly sales figure on record. A lively start to this year’s BEV sales season by any measure. 

  | AID forecasts record 100,000 plus electric car sales in Western Europe this year
| April disappoints with 8 per cent fall in car sales



| West European Truck sales Jan-Jun 2017WESTERN EUROPE | TRUCKS 
Europe’s heavy truck market up 4% at half-time

June’s heavy truck sales in Western Europe, dragged down by up to two fewer working days in a number of markets such as Germany, rose by a modest 2.6 per cent to 22,131 units, according to provisional Acea sales estimates. June’s single-digit gain, marking the region’s fifth truck sales gain in six months, brings West Europe’s half-year heavy truck sales total to 125,654 units, 4 per cent up on last year’s comparative total.

  | May shows trucks resuming their steady upward trajectory
| Vans lead Europe’s January’s commercial vehicle sales advance




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Electric BEV Diesel sales data each month Western Europe















West European Diesel sales figures and trends AID Newsletter October 2016|DIESEL CAR SALES  
49.5% 2016 West European diesel share 





European Hybrid sales 2016 Toyota|EUROPE HYBRID SALES
 Toyota eyes on slipping diesel market





Q1 BEV electric car sales Western Europe AID|Q1 ELECTRIC CAR SALES
Highest-ever BEV sales total on record




World premium car sales 2016 10-Months AID Newsletter|PREMIUM CAR SALES
 Premium year for Mercedes, BMW, Audi 




AID Newsletter 4WD 4x4 European sales trends |4X4 DEMAND 
Mix has never been higher 





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